General Information

For Hardwood/Laminate /Bamboo Flooring

Your floor will provide years of enjoyment and enhancement to your home but as with all flooring products some simple maintenance and care should be taken to preserve its beauty over time.

Please do not: 

1. Over wet your floor. Water is the enemy of any timber/laminate/Bamboo floor.

2. Allow spills to remain unattended –mop as soon as possible.

3. Use a steam mop on your floor. This will rein your floor.

4. Use any abrasive pads or abrasive liquid cleaner to remove soil.

5. Apply wax or solutions containing wax on your floor.


Please do: 

1. Provide mats outside and inside to trap dirt before it gets to your floor.

2. Use a micro fibre mop, well wrung out, to clean your floor.

3. Provide shade /protection from direct sunlight.

4. Place protector pads under all furniture.


General Information

1. All floors will scratch. Most scratches cannot be removed from floor and require heavy sanding to remove them from a timber floor. Laminate floor resist hard objects, however if object too sharp, it will still scratch the floor.


2. The higher the gloss level of your floor the more you will see scratches, plank joins, marks and undulations from the sub floor.


3. Stiletto or similar heeled shoes will dent your timber floor but are far less likely to damage a laminate floor.

4. Timber floors will darken with exposure to light. Move rugs/furniture occasionally to avoid patches of different colours. Laminate floors will not darken. All flooring will fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Every timber/Bamboo floor will be different in appearance because no of them are exactly the same. Hence the attraction and unique beauty of a natural floor.

6. Laminate floors are predictable and will not vary.

7. All floors will move with the changes in seasons, even floors glued directly to the sub floor. All floors with a width 6m or over require intermediate gap, in high moisture or near coastal areas, require bigger expansion gap than normal 12mm.

8. All timber floors will have minor “cracks” and it is not unusual to find very small splinters in your mop head. This will not have any detrimental impact on your floor.

9. Regular vacuuming or sweeping with a soft broom is the easiest way to keep your floor looking beautiful with the aid of a well wrung out fibre mop to remove marks. Stubborn grime can be removed with the aid of specialised timber /bamboo /laminate floor cleaner.

Our Green Policy

Inovar Floor is made of raw materials from renewable resources. The hardwood fibers used in the core come from hardwood forests which are under strict forest management control or what we call ‘plantation’ forests. This eliminates the need to extract wood from natural forests, thus making Inovar Floor a natural product that is also environmentally friendly. The design layer is reproduced from real timber using sophisticated technology. Wood decors are reproduced from original timber, to give you that true-to-life wood look and feel without having to exploit our natural forests.

Inovar Floors’ completely sealed surface does not allow the breeding of dust mites or micro-organisms, unlike other floor covering material such as carpet. This creates a healthier environment for our little ones. All these superb qualities make Inovar Floor the best options available today when it comes to selecting a floor covering material, whether it is for your home sweet home or for your business premise or office. In addition, Inovar Floor has also been recognized by the Singapore Environment Council as a Green Product or Eco-Friendly Product that meets stringent environmental regulations, proving that a good quality product can also be environmental friendly at the same time. Inovar Floor – Peace of Mind. Allover