Flooring – Wood

We offer a full range of flooring solutions, for any budget and style, from high density laminate to solid timber. We are a member of the Australian Timber Flooring Association and take great pride in the quality of all our products. Be it visiting sawmills in Australia or factories in China we spare no time and effort to make sure that the final product is of the highest quality. And with every single product we carry coming to you factory direct, you can be sure that with that quality comes incredible value.

Flooring – Solid Timber

Solid timber flooring is beautiful, plain and simple, and Australia happens to boast some of the most beautiful species in the world. We choose to work with these native species, including Jarrah, Marri, and Blackbutt, as well as a small selection of non native species. We buy raw materials from sustainably managed forests and monitor the progression from log to floor every step of the way.

Our flooring is supplied prefinished, with 9 coats of aluminium oxide, one of the hardest wearing finishes available. This mean you no longer have to deal with the hassle of sanding and finishing and can rest assured that your floor’s finish will hold up over time.

Benefits of Pre-Finished Flooring

No sanding and polishing required, saving you time and money
Installation is hassle free and the floor can be enjoyed immediately, no residual dust or odour
Factory applied finishes are more abrasion resistant and free of any imperfections
The aluminum oxide coating is Ultra Violet cured and so hard that it is often used as a substitute for industrial diamonds
7 base layers and two topcoats add up to 9 total coats providing unparalleled protection
for your floor
Cheaper per square metre compare to raw timber

 Flooring – Engineered Timber

Our Classic Collection of engineered flooring features a 4mm wear layer on a plywood base. A super stable design with a thickness that allows for multiple rounds of sanding and refinishing, this is a floor that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of Engineered Flooring:

Environmentally friendly by using only 4mm veneer layer and maximising precious natural resources
Prefinished with 9 coats of UV cured aluminum oxide for the ultimate in scratch resistance
A more affordable option than solid timber but with an identical look
Tongue and groove system guarantees a reliable installation

Species: Jarrah, Blackbutt, Chestnut, Spotted Gum

Our Eco Series 0.5mm-1mm engineered floor is designed for maximum efficiency and affordability while not sacrificing the beauty of hardwood. The 0.5mm-1mm wear layer of this floor sits on High Density Fibreboard and features the patented uni click system used under an exclusive license from Flooring Industry, This revolutionary click system means ease of installation is on par with laminate but the end result is a timber top floor.

In addition, this flooring series receives the same top of the line aluminum oxide, UV cured pre-finishing treatment as our more expensive flooring options at a significantly lower final cost.

Flooring – Bamboo

Incredibly hard wearing. Cheaper than solid timber. What’s not to like about bamboo? Our bamboo is strand woven which means it is twice as hard as normal bamboo flooring while retaining the natural beauty that makes this floor a style statement in any installation, from home to office. Its design allows for floating click installation as well as direct stick.


Easy to install, pre-finished and can be floated
Same 9 coats of super-tough UV-cured aluminium oxide coating as our timber flooring
Strand woven for additional durability
Manufactured from a fast growing, sustainable resource
Fantastic value! Solid flooring for less than half the cost of other timber options


Flooring – Laminate

The benefits of laminate flooring are significant.
Our laminate comes with a 25 year warranty and is manufactured to be scratch and stain resistant.
It looks almost identical to real timber while costing a fraction of the price.
Easy DIY installation with the patented clip lock system and underlay included.
It is environmentally friendly as it is manufactured with recycled materials and no first run raw materials.
Large colour range allows matching with a variety of different styles and designs.

This is our most popular laminate. Hard wearing, easy to install, and available in six different colours. 
Colours available:

Australian Birch Bamboo Blackbutt
Australian Birch Bamboo Blackbutt
Jarrah Rosewood Spotted Gum
Jarrah Rosewood Spotted Gum

On a budget? Renting your apartment out to uni students? This is the product for you. Our cheapest laminate still gives you a hard wearing , good looking flooring solution.
Colours available: Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Rosewood 

High Definition Long Board
“Size does matter,” as they say on the box of this next generation high definition laminate. These beautiful long boards (2220 long) are as close as laminate can come to the real thing. Install it and wait for the questions to come.
“What kind of timber floor did you install?”
“Sprung for the solid stuff, huh?”
“Who won the flooring lotto around here?”

High Gloss
Beautiful high gloss laminate has always been popular. However, it is only through recent breakthrough’s in finishing technology that the lovely laminate can also boast a hard wearing finish that puts up with what you throw at it. The “piano finish” of these boards will instantly brighten a room and add that upscale look that you’ve been missing.
Colours available:

Blackbutt Bluegum Jarrah
Blackbutt Bluegum Jarrah
Marri Tassie Oak
Marri Tassie Oak

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