Strand Woven Bamboo

“A beautiful floor is a bamboo floor”

“About Strand Woven Bamboo”

Actually a grass Bamboo is one of the strongest materials in the world.  It
has a tensile strength superior to cold rolled steel and a compressive
strength higher than concrete.  It is a 25% harder than red oak and 12%
harder than North American Maple.  Bamboo is also a renewable natural
resource that grows much faster than hardwoods.

Bamboo can be selectively harvested every year without destroying the green
plantation on earth, the bamboo stems will sprout new shoots in the next
rain season and it takes only 4 to 6 years for the bamboo to grow to its
full maturity whole it takes scores or even hundreds for that of a tree.
With its fast growth and short harvest period, bamboo is considered to be
one of the most environmentally sustainable flooring materials available
today.  Bamboo sequesters 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare.  It is also
a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the

“Attributes of Bamboo”

Environmentally friendly – Renewable bamboo resource
Tough & Durable – Hard – Surface, very abrasion resistant
Dimensionally Stable – Less contraction and expansion than most traditional
hardwood floors.

Unique attractive appearance – It provides an exotic mood of romance with a
unique appearance.
Superior Finish – At least 7 coats of German Tfeffert or Klumpp anti -
UV – Cured coating system.
High indoor air quality, Non-pollutant – Non-Allergenic, natural product, no
preservatives or irritable chemicals
Easy to install – Both T&G profile and click – lock system are available for
a convenient installation.

Easy to maintain – Bamboo floors are low-maintenance and hassle-free, only
needing the occasional dusting, wiping or vacuuming to keep it looking like

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